tracing the negative space (Working title)                           

a dance / XR exhibition in the VRlab of the Deutsches Museum

Artist collective:


Tobias Gremmler, Angelika Meindl Mahnecke, Thomas Mahnecke

Video:Tobias Gremmler



Vision becomes reality!


Dance usually takes place on a stage and the spectator is standing still.


The idea of our media scenography, however, is that the space itself is dynamic and the viewer controls the dramaturgy through his own movements and thus participates in shaping the staging and thus becomes part of the scenography. For artistic and choreographic work, the inclusion of the virtual level opens up a large, exciting new area that will be explored over the next few years. Because working with “virtual reality” is still a relatively young and unexplored area in artistic representation.


In our work we not only deal with the contemporary choreography of dance itself, but also with scientific topics of movement and the so-called negative space, i.e. the physical forces between objects that we want to make visible in our exhibition / performance and make the recipient tangible in three dimensions.


We aim to explore new possibilities of dance and new media. The integration of the new media follows the approach of creating an interactive dialogue between the dancers, the recipients and the visualized 3-dimensional space.


So that this succeeds, the FFF Bayern and the VRlab of the Deutsches Museum and the Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt Munchen support us in developing the concept and a technical prototype with which we are able to hold an event _ real and virtual (VR) _ a large audience under normal and corona conditions to make it tangible.


Description of the project:


Each of our current decisions influences our future and is in constant motion and change. nothing stands still, but we move with our thoughts and actions as if in a maelstrom of events, imaginations and visualizations that manifest and change again, a constant flow without standstill. This meta level that surrounds us, in which we act and mentally visualize our own chain of events every day, consciously and unconsciously, we let emerge through the installation and performance.


Every movement leaves traces in your energetic environment, patterns that we do not see but feel. Our bodies are composed of millions of constantly changing energy particles. These movements influence their environment and reform it. The hidden dance of these forces in negative space is a kind of parallel world that we want to make visible with the help of modern XR and new media technology.

Digital images / avatars are created from the movements of the dancers, which in turn carry the energy of the dancers' movements out into the amorphous space.


A vortex of energy particles creates picture forms that combine from the movements of the dancers in order to flow into a new form elsewhere. Everything is movement, everything is in a constantly changing flow that surrounds the performers and viewers alike.


The opening of the installation is planned with a live performance, but depending on the situation it can also be performed without live dance. The visitors to the installation are recorded as moving outlines and faded into the scenography.


At the end of the installation, the space and the scenography were changed by its visitors.

Description of the format:


Let's imagine the visual boundaries between live performance, projections and audience dissolve. The room, the stage design and the actors merge into a single, visually perceptible, three-dimensional “hyperworld”. The aim of our project is to create new types of real / virtual "stages" with a real-time representation of the 3D digitally projected stage setting with simultaneous interaction of the recipient. A multi-user interaction with movements created by the dancers and the audience.


For directors as well as for choreographers and the audience, almost endless dimensions open up, which challenge our perception and inspire the imagination. By using modern motion tracking systems that are linked to digital "avatars" in real time, e.g. in contemporary dance the choreography dimensions and movement creations whose imagination only we ourselves set limits.

Not only are dancers and "avatars" choreographed together, but rooms, projections and actors can hardly be distinguished. They mix. Together with them we dive into the three-dimensional "hyperspace", in which everything is possible and space and time have dissolved.


Our partners for the project


Deutsches Museum (VRlab): website

Okulon: website



Visualisierungen der Ausstellung " tracing the negative space "  im VRlab des Deutschen Museum